Avoid these programmes for increasing the productivity of your Android device

The entire category of programmes is dedicated to make your operating system more robust. You can find such programmes for different devices and operating systems including those working on Android. In all likelihood, you yourself have already installed a couple of them being sure of them helping your smartphone or a tablet computer to be particularly efficient.

Unfortunately, in many cases it is not the way you might imagine it. In many cases, programmes designed for increasing productivity can even reduce it. Read this article carefully and check the apps you have already installed on your device. It is possible some of them should be deleted.

Antivirus programmes

Needless to say, everyone wants to protect one’s smartphone from various malware. The most obvious way to do it is installing an antivirus programme on your Android. The variety of such apps on the market is immense.

Unfortunately, it turns out that programmes of such a type are not particularly productive. For example, AV-Comparatives conducted an experiment testing 250 antivirus programmes developed for Android. According to the results of their research, 138 programmes were actually designed not to detect malware, but to create their own databases out of the data of their clients as well as showing advertisements. The general result was that all of the tested antivirus programmes were not capable of detecting more than 30% of malware installed on the devices. As you can imagine, it is a very poor result.

If you want to use an antivirus app on your Android device, you can choose more trustworthy ones such as McAfee, Sophos, AVG, Kaspersky or ESET which are showing somewhat better results, albeit still not ideal. Yet, you should be aware of the fact such programmes are usually not needed on smartphones at all.

If you do not use programmes coming from untrustworthy sources, you will minimise the exposition of your phone to viruses. Those which are left undetected by the security system of Google Play, in all likelihood will be still undetected if you install an antivirus programme as well. At the same time having a specialised antivirus programme on your phone will only drain it out of system resources.

The simplest thing you can do to protect your phone is not to allow it install programmes coming from unknown sources as well as avoid checking suspicious links on strange websites showing you messages about your system needing an immediate upgrade.

Programmes designed for cleaning RAM of your phone

If you are using a smartphone or a table computer running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread or older, you can still keep various phone boosters on your device as the can actually be helpful. In the case of all newer versions of Android, such programmes can not only be helpless but they can also cause an adverse effect of making your system overloaded.

Such versions of Android already have inbuilt managers of processes which detect the programmes running in the background being able to decide themselves which ones are needed and which ones are not. it might happen that they might keep some unnecessary programmes on which you have installed on your own, however, they understand the indigenous apps enough to be able to manage them on their own.

Once you install some of RAM cleaners, they themselves start working in the background interfering into the natural processes going on your phone. As a result, they tend to close the programmes which they find unnecessary, however, these programmes might be essential for Android. This will cause you operating system to spend more resources on detecting these missing processes and reopen them over and over again making the entire phone ever more overloaded.

As you can see, this is exactly what you would like to avoid by installing various RAM boosters. It is better to avoid them altogether.


Many Android users decide to equip their devices into additional uninstalling programmes. There is nothings strange about that since the developers of such programmes are offering some useful functionality for your phone. First of all, they promise you to make complete removal of unwanted custom apps in such a way that there will be no traces of these programmes on your phone. Another amazing feature they are offering to the users is removing various inbuilt Android programmes which you might not need and be suffering from the resources they are using on your device.

All of this sounds promising, however, it is absolutely unnecessary. The inbuilt Android uninstaller will delete any programmes without leaving any files used by the programme itself, whereas deleting inbuilt programmes requires root privileges which such apps do not have.