Free alternatives to Google Photos with the largest storage

If you had been using Google Photos for storing your photos and videos for free, you certainly noticed the new policy for this cloud service. Since the first of June 2021 there is no unlimited storage in Google Photos available for free. In addition to it, the storage space is actually the same as the general storage space of the Google platform. This means that you will have 15 GB for all of your files including photos. You can easily imagine it is not enough even if you are not a particular fan of taking photos.

Many users of Google Photos are complaining about the lack of useful tools which were available for free with Google Photos in other photo storages. Yet, you can at least look at a list of the alternative storage services for photos with the largest space.


So far, you will hardly find any other cloud service for storing photos with an unlimited amount of space just as it used to be in the case of Google Photos. Yet, there is one such service which is Yandex.Disk. So, using this service, you will be able to upload as much photos as you want.

Still, the service is not completely free from any limitations. In the reality the unlimited amount of space is available exclusively for uploading photos and it is working only for uploading photos from your smartphone. Thus, for video, the storage is limited.

Although the service is not equipped into such advanced tools for sorting photos, it is still possible to sort photos with Yandex.Disc. Pay your attention to the fact you will be able to upload the photos in their original form without compressing them which is certainly great for their quality.

Yandex.Disk can be used straight in your browser and you can also install it on your mobile devices running on Android or iOS. The Yandex.Disk programme is also available for macOS and Windows.


The cloud storage with the largest amount of limited space available for free at the moment is TeraBox. Without paying a single cent, you will be able to use 1 TB of storage.

TeraBox was developed by the Chinese company Baidu and it was first available on the market under the name of Dubox. If you have already checked the opportunities for storing your files online, you have certainly noticed the lack of any other services with such lucrative offers available for free. With the TeraBox app which can be installed on your mobile devices running on Android or iOS, you will be able to automatically upload your photos. The videos can also be stored on TeraBox, however, their upload has to be made manually. In addition to it, the service has basic sorting functions.

As any other service, TeraBox also has its disadvantages. Many users of TeraBox are not particularly happy about the interface of this service as well as a rather limited speed of traffic especially when it comes to downloading your files. As a solution to this programme, many users of TeraBox are using VPN which is presumably improving the speed.

If such an amount of space is not enough for you, you can also try a premium version of TeraBox which will offer you 2 TB of memory as well as more advanced functions.

Note that TeraBox can be used on your computer as well through its web version.