Which gadgets to give as a present in 2021?

A new gadget can be a great present to anyone, whether the person is absolutely crazy about electronics or he or she is a real technophobe. This article will give you a couple of great ideas of presents which will prove to be useful to anyone.

For people who want to get a new smartphone

What can be a better present than a new smartphone? You can consider such an option for your friend or a family member as well.

There are many new models of smartphones worse your attention. If you are looking for a particularly great model of a smartphone, you should pay your attention to Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Of course, this smartphone will be great for people who prefer the Android system.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is an absolutely fantastic model of a smartphone which has an AMOLED display of 6,8 inches which supports the refresh rate of 120 Hz. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is equipped into the Exynos 2100 processor. While the previous model of Exynos 2100 were already pretty efficient, the current one is effective by 30%. What is especially crucial is the fact it is particularly effective when it comes to the energy consumption.

The Samsung Galaxy smartphones are well-known for the highest quality of the photos they can make. The cameras of this particular model are especially impressive.

For the people who need a really compact laptop computer

While some people have pretty high requirements for their laptops, for others compactness is more important. If the person you would like to give a present to is one of such people, you might be willing to give him or her Macbook Air. Yet, as far as you can imagine, it is pretty expensive. Fortunately, there is a great alternative which is not only more affordable, but it will also be liked by people who prefer working on Windows. This super compact laptop computer is ASUS ZenBook 13.

ASUS ZenBook 13 is a perfect combination of efficiency and a compact size. The processor used in this model is AMD Ryzen 5 5500U and it has an inbuilt graphic adapter. There is also 8 GB of RAM in this model. Obviously, the majority of popular programmes will be working without any difficulties on such hardware. At the same time, the battery of this laptop is also highly efficient being able of working without charging for 16 hours.

One of the greatest advantages of this laptop is its screen which has an OLED-display with the Full HD resolution. The size of the screen is 13,3 inches. The laptop is also using a special HDR technology for an improved dynamic range.

For bloggers and just for active people

The GoPro cameras are regarded to be among the best devices available on the market. The newest one of the cutting-edge design is GoPro Hero10 Black.

GoPro Hero10 Black is absolutely waterproof and is also particularly resistant to mechanical damages. The video one can make with such a camera will have 5K resolution and the frequency of 60 shots per second. For the 4K resolution, the frequency is twice higher being equal to 120 shots per seconds.

The photos made by this camera have 23 megapixels and their quality is improved by a special system of stabilisation and improvement of a picture.

For people who are just crazy about technology

Providing you have a friend or a relative who just loves technology, you should consider one more option for a present which is DJI Mavic Air 2S. DJI Mavic Air 2S is a multirotor suitable for people who are already experienced in steering a multirotor as well as for the people who have never done it before.

The camera built into this model has a resolution of 5K for video while the device itself can reach the speed of 49 kilometres per hour. The maximum time it can spend in the air without charging is 30 minutes.

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