Stock images. videos, audio files and more

Are you working on projects especially as a freelancer and need some media content for your work? Here, you will find the best services an abundance of great files!

Stock images

If you are looking for collections of images to use in your work, here you will find the best services with materials on different topic as well as platforms with very specific materials.

In case your work requires using pictures of different categories, you might be willing to check one of the largest stock photo and image services with no specific topics. Such platforms contain massive collections of pictures of absolutely different types. You can easily find a variety of them available for free whereas in some cases the content is available when you get a subscription to the service.

Some of the greatest examples of such services are Barnimages, Pixabay, SplitShire and Unsplash. Picography is not a particularly large service, however, it has a collection of quite original photos. Burst is well-known for the amazing quality of the images it is offering to its users. StockSnap and Negative Space are particularly convenient as they are equipped into categorising tools which are making it easier to search through the collections of photos they contain. The same goes for Pexels.

Providing you need some photos dedicated to the topic of business and startups, you will find an abundance of great options on Startup Stock Photos. For the best photos of food, search through the collection of Foodiesfeed, whereas Styled Stock is a heaven for individuals who are working on various projects dedicated to the beauty industry.

When you need more photos of natural sights, visit Free nature stock and for more pictures made during travelling to various world destinations, go to BucketListly.

New Old Stock is of a particular value since here you can find a variety of historical and vintage photos. All of them where received from public archives.

Finally, you can use one of the search engines working specifically with stock images. The best examples of such services are LibreStock and Visualhumt.

Stock audio and video files

Actually, a number of platforms are offering several forms of stock media including images, video and audio. For instance, Videvo has free graphics, music, audio effects as well as video. Motion Elements has a collection of graphics, backgrounds as well as special effects. Pixabay which has already been mentioned above as a large collection of photos, also has stock videos.

On Coverr and Pexels videos, you will be able to search for the videos you need in a convenient way since they are presented with categorisation.

Free HD stock footage is located on Vimeo. Under this category, you will also find stock cvideos which you can use in your projects legally.

Finally, Fugue is a service dedicated specifically to stock audio files all of which are featured with a great quality.

Typography and font tools

In case you are working with fonts or a part of your job is typography, you should certainly check the amazing services you can find here. They will make your professional life a way easier.

Sometimes, you might need to understand the types of fonts used on particular websites. You do not need to spend hours trying to identify them manually since now it is possible to do it automatically with such a tool as Typoscan. This tool is working as a scanner of fonts on websites.

When you need some inspiration while creating your own fonts, you can check Fonts in Use. This is the place with a massive collection examples of font usage by popular brands. This service might give you some motivation to create your own amazing fonts which can be developed easily with Unlque. This is a special online service for creating fonts. With its functions, you will be able to create unique fonts within a couple of minutes.

Font Combinations is another great tool which will help you to mix several types of fonts in the same project in such a way as they look aesthetically and stylish together. Fontjoy will help you to generate font pairs ideally suiting each other.

You might also find Fontbase quite handy as this service will help you to manage your fonts and store them in a convenient way.

Providing you are looking for ready-to-use fonts, you should pay your attention to Google Fonts. This service has a large collection of fonts created by the Google designers. 1001 Free Fonts has an abundance of free fonts which you can use in your projects.

In case you are looking for fonts which can be used specifically for creating logos, a great place to look for ready-to-use solutions is Font Bundles.

Finally, if you need to convert graphics created in the vector format into a font in the OTF, TTF, SVG or EOT formats, you should take a look at Birdfont. This service will allow you to create the graphics and export it in one of these formats.