Useful tools for design

The Internet is full of various highly useful tools which can be particularly handy to freelancers especially a great number of them can be used completely free of charge. If you are looking for services which will make your work easier, this article will be especially useful to you as here you will find amazing free instruments for design.


Do you need a tool for 3D-modelling? Fortunately, you can use one absolutely for free. One of the best free options is Vectary which will allow you to make your own objects and choose from a number of ready-to-use templates.

Infografics and visual presentations

If you are looking for a tool which will allow you to create a beautiful table or other form of visual representation of data, you should pay your attention to the Infogram service.

Visme is another tool for creation of presentations and visual material. This service will probvid eyou with a number of graphical widgets, interactive elements as well as beautiful templates which will enrich your project.

In case you need some mockup photos dedicated to gadgets, computers and working place, you can go to the MockupPhotos website. This one has both free and paid content.

Of you need ready-to-use animations for your illustrations or interfaces, you can try LottieFiles which is featured by the collection of files of a particularly high quality. The sorting tool offered by this service will make the searching process for the best option particularly simple.

Banks of icons

There are several amazing services which will allow you to use icons. For example, Tilda Icons will provide you with a collection of free icons designed for the landing pages of the Tilda website designing service.

Flaticon will let you use its icons for various purposes whether it is your personal use or commercial one.

If you fail to find icons of the type you need, try to search on Icons8. This service has a huge collection of icons of absolutely different colours and styles available in different formats. In addition to it, you will absolutely like its convenient sorting system based on tags and categories.

Background design

WebGradients is a cool place for downloading stylish linear gradients which can be used as a background image. It is also possible to copy the link to the images you like.

If you want to generate your own background using the gradient style, you might be interested in the Cool Backgrounds generating tool. With its help you will be able to apply a variety of settings for designing unique backgrounds.

Gradient Hunt will provide you with ready-to-use gradient backgrounds which are also very appealing.

You can also use customisable patterns for creating your backgrounds. A great free tool which can be used for this purpose is Hero Patterns. This service has a collection of background pattern designed in a minimalist style. It is possible to change the colour for these patterns. You will be able to copy the link to your pattern or save it as an SVG-file.

Colour pallets

There are several great tools for working with colour palettes which can be used absolutely free of charge. For example, Coolors is a very simple generator of colour palettes which can actually create sets of colours based on pretty advanced parameters. The palettes created with the help of Coolors can be exported in different formats.

Color Hunt will provide you with ready-to-use palettes. There are thousands to choose from.

Photo stocks

Freelancers of various occupations need photo stocks especially the ones with free photos. Here you will find a variety of ideas where to look for the photos and pictures for your new project.

First of all, you can try Visualhunt which is itself a searching engine designed for going through the popular photo stocks simultaneously. Another service of this type id LibreStock.

When it comes to the photo stocks where you can find photos and pictures of different types, you can check Pixabay which is one of the largest banks of photos offered by a community of photographers. Here, you can find the visual material dedicated to absolutely different topics. Some of the photos are available for free while others are offered exclusively in the paid version of the service. Picography is also not dedicated to any particular topic, it is just filled with quite original photos.

StockSnap has a variety of photos dedicated to various topics and equipped into a handy sorting tool. Burst has photos on different topics as well. This service is free and has the visual material of an especially high quality.

One more multi-topic stocks with photos is Negative Space. Here, you will be able to use a convenient categorisation tool for searching for photos more efficiently.

Finally, Unsplash is one of the largest communities of photographs who are ready to share their amazing photos with you for free.