The best free services for calling online

Needless to say, online calls are becoming more and more popular today. For many people, calling others via the Internet is a more convenient way of keeping in touch with others, let alone the fact it can also be cheaper.

There is a variety of online services offering their users a free function of calling including video calls. Yet, there are several things you should take into consideration before choosing one. First of all, if you are looking for a programme which will allow you to keep in touch with many people, a good idea will be installing something really popular. In such a way, the probability of getting the messenger which is being used by your friends and acquaintances is pretty high. Another crucial factor is using a well-encrypted app which will keep your conversations protected from the third parties.

Finally, a service used for communicating with other people should be well-optimised so that there will be no problems with getting calls and notifications.

All of these requirements might sound overwhelming, especially if you are looking for such an app for the first time. In order to make the task easier, we have collected information about the best free services for calling online. Note, there might be even better messengers available on the market, however, we have also paid attention to the popularity of these apps which is important if you want to be able to communicate with as many people as possible.


Skype is undeniably one of the most popular programmes available for online calling. Actually, had already been extremely popular among computer users even before the advent of smartphones. The project was so loved by PC users that it was purchased by Microsoft. Today, Skype is still highly popular. The programme is available to the users of different platforms and devices. You can install it on your smartphone as well as on your computer or just add it as an extension to your favourite browser.

Skype supports not only individual calls but also video conferences with several participants.


Even though Skype is one of the first messengers supporting video calls as well as group calls, such a messenger as Zoom has become particularly popular in the working space since the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Zoom can be installed on all of the modern platforms as well and it is completely free for individual usage.

Pay your attention to fact Zoom has several interesting features apart from a chat and a possibility of video calling. For example, you will be able to show the screen of your device to the participants of the call or record the meeting.


Telegram is a relatively new messenger which is a project of Pavel Durov, the creator of VK which is the most popular social network of Eastern Europe. Even though the programme has not been on the market, it has already gained a large group of fans around the world.

Telegram has some of the features of Skype and Zoom such as a chat and a possibility of video calling including a video conferences with several participants. On top of that, Telegram has some exclusive features which are particularly liked by the Internet users. For example, this messenger has so-called private chats which are characterised by the highest level of security. The data exchanged on such chats cannot be saved on the device of the recipient.

Telegram can be installed on both your computer and a smartphone. The Telegram browser extension is being under development right now and you can already install it, however, you will not be able to use it for calling so far.

Facebook Messenger

Needless to say, Facebook Messenger is also extremely popular, at least due to the fact it is the messenger used for chatting and calling on Facebook. Certainly, this is the best way for communicating with those of your friends who are using Facebook.

Calls can be placed right on the Facebook website through your browser without a need of installing any extensions. In such a way, you will be able to use all of the features of this messenger including video and audio calling as well as conferences.


The popular WhatsApp messenger is also a Facebook project. This programme is particularly popular due to the high quality of the calls as well as advanced encryption. In addition to it, WhatsApp is one of the best messengers available right now when it comes to optimisation. This means that using it on your portable devices will not drain out the battery too quickly.

Certainly, the overall popularity of this messenger makes it one of the most popular choices among the users who are just looking for a programme for online calling. In all likelihood, the majority of your acquaintances are already using it.

Other particularly popular programmes for online calls are Viber, Google Duo and FaceTime.