The best password managers

Everyone knows that a password to any account has to be rather complex if you want it to be able to protect your data. In addition to it, it is highly recommended to use different passwords to different accounts and services. Certainly, it is a very sensible recommendation, however, the more complex and diverse your passwords to different platforms are, the more tempting it is to just right them down on a piece of paper which will always be lying near your computer. It is not thus a problem if the computer is at your home, however, it can be a real disaster if you leave your passwords like this at work. Depending on the account targeted by a hacker or a social engineer, either you or the company you are working for can be seriously harmed by a loss of data.

One of the ways to prevent such a situation is using a password manager. In this article, you will find some recommendations of the most efficient password managers with which you can easily use rather complex passwords.


LastPass is available for Windows, Android, macOS as well as iOS. You can install the programme directly on your computer or choose an extension for your browser.

The level of encryption in this programme is the level of your machine. Even the programme itself will not have access to the key for decryption of your passwords which certainly guarantees you the highest safety. The programme is also equipped into a convenient function of sharing your passwords in a safe way with other people whether they are your colleagues at work or your family. With LastPass, you will have a chance to choose the access for them, making the entire password visible to a particular person or just granting him or her access to your account or other information or a limited period of time.


Another useful app for managing your passwords available for Windows, Android, macOS as well as iOS is Dashline. The programme can also be used as an extension of your browser.

Dashline has some interesting features as well. For example, with this programme, you will be able to scan your computer for weak passwords as well as the repeating passwords. Whenever the programme find such ones, it will offer you changing them. Damaged passwords can also be recognised by this programme.

This password manager can also inform you of any hiking activity on websites you are using.

Pay your attention to other great functions of Dashlane. For example, this programme can be used for storing the credentials for accessing your bank accounts and cards. Furthermore you can even store the receipts for purchases you have made on the net.

Sticky Password

One more programme for managing your passwords worth your attention is Sticky Password. This manager was created by the group of the developers of the popular AVG antivirus programme and the level of the security it will provide you with is definitely very high.

This password manager can easily pick up the data from old forms you filled with information for logging in. It is possible to synchronise this app with Wi-Fi.

one of the crucial features of this programme is the fact it does not grant access to passwords online with is crucial for keeping the highest level of security.

So far, Sticky Password can be installed on your PC if it is using macOS or Windows or on a portable device running on Android or iOS.


RoboForm is partially free which means you can install and use it without being charged on your mobile device if it is based on iOS or Android. The PC version of this programme is available after paying for subscription.

A crucial part of this programme is the fact it will protect you against phishing attacks apart from a standard function of storing your passwords in a safe way.


Do not get disappointed by a somewhat out-of-date appearance of the KeePass programme which is a free open-source password manager. The level of security of this programme is really very high. Interestingly, this programme also has a portable version. This means you do not have to necessarily install it on your computer. Just copy the programme on an external source of memory and load KeePass directly from that device without any installation on your PC.

KeePass can be used on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS.

Note that there is no synchronisation in this app. The database of your passwords can be stored on the external source of memory or on a cloud. This actually allows you to make do without any synchronisation .


Unlike the previous password managers, 1Password is not a free programme, however, it can be used without a charge for a thirty-day trial. This programme is available to the users of Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. There is also a browser version which is compatible with Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox.

Some of the crucial features of this password managers are its ability to work without Internet access as well as a possibility of synchronising the password storage via cloud services and Wi-Fi. It is also possible to set the access to your files with other users and choose trusted users.