Internet configuration for popular web browsers

If you have read the previous article of this tutorial series, you should be aware of the functionality offered by Windows for configuring Internet. In this short article, you will find more about Internet configuration and different web browsers you can use on your Windows system.

Microsoft Edge

Configuring other web browsers are quite straight forward and browser dependent. Honestly, surfing and maintaining Internet Explorer in the times 2022 we are living in was a nightmare and Microsoft soon realized that they had to let go of this legacy browser and move on with their more modern platform, Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge is one of the most powerful, clean and user oriented feature browsers out there. In fact lot of techs and developers prefer them as well.

Other popular browsers

If you are an IT guy, developer or in the field of tech, you definitely want to download all of the major browsers out there and use it in case of finding a vulnerability or other such issue where you need to have multiple browsers to check for the issue. One of the most common and big boss of browsers out there would be Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. There are also other browsers like Opera, Brave etc.

You have full control over these browsers as much as they allow you to do so. Although, their settings are not found in the Control panel but in the browser itself. Where you can find the settings varies from browser to browser. Typically, one common pattern you will notice is all of their settings are somewhere on the top right corner.

Browser settings

In this settings you will find a lot of options and configurations. Very first remain calm, take deep breath and remember your purpose. If you are there to explore, just explore or if you are there to accomplish any specific task. Break down the task into what type of task this might be and you will find your way faster than not having any plan and frantically look for each and every options. Most of the time these settings are quite straight forward. It won’t be so long until you get familiar with these settings. There are lot of useful settings lies here which include security settings as well. If you want deploy good security for your browsers you might want to explore the configurations which includes account settings, cookies, saving your personal information like user name, passwords and all bunch of credentials.